Random Thoughts

The End Of All Good… Maybe Not

After all the results of engineering exams were out, nothing much was left to be happy about. There was gloom all over the atmosphere. And though the sun shone brightly (and very strongly indeed), i felt a resounding hollow inside. A thing I had never feared, assuming it to be one of a distant and inaccessible future, had manifested itself ironically : My school life was over, and after being ‘at the top‘ for 10 years running, I never expected myself to be floundering for admission in a good college.

And with my soul already burning in hell, the heat equalised my body’s status to my soul’s.

And so when my friends arrived to take their marksheets and other things to the school, I didn’t feel like meeting them, but since even electricity had ditched me that day, the idea of meeting up with them wasn’t bad. My friends, though downbeat themselves (same reasons), tried to erase some pain and debated to go for a film, and after a long deliberation of 10 milliseconds, everyone consented.

And then everything started to clear up as the sky, previously ruled by Helios, admitted a ton of black clouds, with a promise of real, tangible rain, which made my day. And though the film (Sarkar Raj, to be specific) wasn’t all that good, the downpour had already doused the flames burning me.

What a difference a day makes!!

Here are some shots of the great day… (May not appeal your senses as a professional photographer, but the joy is nearly contagious)